Local turism is traditional, but you might find some places, which are still and always developing. So if you have been there, do not worry, places always offer some magical experience for you.

FORMA VIVA Makole gives you an opportunity to experience the longest walk in the world, among sculptures placed in nature. We asure you 10 km of joy.

Waterfall Šošterica is located on the north slope of Plešivec near the village Stari grad. The gorge itself, also called the Šoder graben or Kolarnica, was carved by a creek in the Eocene limestone.

Cave Belojača is there since the end of ice age. We encourage you to go find it and learn more about it’s inhabitants.

Mansion Štatenberg   is named after the original castle Štatenberg, which stood in the place of Stari Grad, located approximately 5 km from Makole. The luxurious baroque mansion stands in city Štatenberg, in the municipality of Makole. The mansion started to build Attems counts, probably at 1696 and ended between 1720 and 1740. Planned by the Italian architect Camesini, is designed so, that consists of four two-story wings with an open staircase.

Bistrica castle is mostly a gallery, but you can go there for many cultural and turist events. You can treat yourself in their old vinery or just enjoy in the wonderful park that surrounds it. The building itself is specialy old, it’s origines go back to 1227.

Spa and wellness Zreče gives you an escape from your everyday life.

Rogaška Slatina health resort has been here with four centuries old tradition. Legend says that the Greek god Apollo commanded the mythical winged horse Pegasus to strike its hoof against the ground. Rogaška spring flowed from that spot the same day, spring of health and pure divine power.

Night life in MC Pekarna  is a constituent part of the squat Pekarna in Maribor. The club began with its activity soon after the occupation of the former army complex in 1994. Aftr the closure of the MKC Club in Orožnova ulica, Maribor where until then  the alternative people of Maribor gathered and socialized, MC became the central gathering place for rockers, punkers, metalheads and similar different thinking people right after opening. Today the club can pride on a regular and top-level alternative club and concert programme and is considered one of the most active clubs, in Slovenia and internationally.