The house Potok Sega was built in the late 1800s. Rumoured to be built by the local carpenter who was also responsible for construction of the Statenberg castle located just outside of Makole.  Potok Sega Creek was once a flowing river and an older ruin of a mill (estimated at 400-600 years old) still sits on the other side of the river which was apparently used for lumber and at some point grinding grains. The property has passed many eras. It housed multiple families. At one point, it had an office for an old coal mine. that was here near the mountain, as well as a hideout for clandestine Partisan soldiers during WWII.

The one local historical fact that has been spoken to us since we moved to this house is that Potok Sega was a place where the local villagers would gather. Women would sit and peel corn, many pigs were turned over the fire and joyous celebrations of the seasons were had. You can still see men and women hike along the river to the waterfall after church to put their feet in the water. A tradition that seems to have been there before Christianity came to the area.